AN 696: Using the JESD204B MegaCore Function in Arria V Devices

ID 683843
Date 5/11/2015

1.3.1. FPGA Pin Assignments

The table below lists the top level signals with its corresponding FPGA pin assignments on the Arria V GT FPGA Development Kit.
Table 6.  FPGA 2 Pin Assignments
Top Level Signal Name FPGA 2 Pin Number I/O Standard Direction
device_clk AB9 1.5-V PCML Input
device_clk_n AB8 1.5-V PCML Input
clkintopb_p0 C34 LVDS Input
clkintopb_p0_n D34 LVDS Input
rx_dev_sync_n AD25 2.5-V Output
sysref_out AC24 2.5-V Output
mosi AD24 2.5-V Output
sclk AH27 2.5-V Output
ss_n[0] AG27 2.5-V Output
rx_serial_data[0] U1 1.5-V PCML Input
rx_serial_data_n[0] U2 1.5-V PCML Input
rx_serial_data[1] R1 1.5-V PCML Input
rx_serial_data_n[1] R2 1.5-V PCML Input