AN 696: Using the JESD204B MegaCore Function in Arria V Devices

ID 683843
Date 5/11/2015

1.1.4. File Directory and Content

The reference design comes with a ZIP file that includes a Quartus II Archive File (.qar) that contains the project's design files, source files, and ancillary files, as well as system libraries. Once you restore the archive file using the Quartus II software, a destination folder is created to store all the reference design files.

Table 5.  Reference Design FilesThis list contains only certain folders and contents in the project directory which you may need to edit.
Folder Name Content
altera_jesd204 JESD204B MegaCore function configured in duplex mode.
control unit
  • MIF file for AD9250
  • Control unit
  • ROM:1-Port—single-port ROM
issp Signal source and probe module.
jesd204b_avmm_interface Qsys Avalon-MM component for interfacing between the JESD204B MegaCore function and System Console.
  • Quartus II-generated SRAM Object File (.sof)
  • Quartus II software compilation report files
pattern PRBS data generator and checker module.
spi SPI master module.
transport_layer Transport layer assembler (TX) and deassembler (RX) module.
xcvr_reset_control_module Transceiver reset controller module.