Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Device Datasheet

ID 683828
Date 2/14/2022
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Fractional PLL Specifications

Table 30.  Fractional PLL Specifications for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Devices
Symbol Parameter Condition Min Typ Max Unit
fIN Input clock frequency 30 800 49 MHz
fINPFD Input clock frequency to the phase frequency detector (PFD) 30 700 MHz
fCASC_INPFD Input clock frequency to the PFD of destination cascade PLL 30 60 MHz
fVCO PLL voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) operating range 6 12.5 GHz
tEINDUTY Input clock duty cycle 45 55 %
fOUT Output frequency for internal global or regional clock 644 MHz
fDYCONFIGCLK Dynamic configuration clock for reconfig_clk 100 MHz
tLOCK Time required to lock from end-of-device configuration or deassertion of pll_powerdown 1 ms
tDLOCK Time required to lock dynamically (after switchover or reconfiguring any non-post-scale counters/delays) 1 ms
fCLBW PLL closed-loop bandwidth 0.3 4 MHz
tPLL_PSERR Accuracy of PLL phase shift 50 ps
tARESET Minimum pulse width on the pll_powerdown signal 10 ns
tINCCJ 50 51 Input clock cycle-to-cycle jitter FREF ≥ 100 MHz 0.13 UI (p-p)
FREF < 100 MHz 650 ps (p-p)
tOUTPJ 52 Period jitter for clock output FOUT ≥ 100 MHz 600 ps (p-p)
FOUT < 100 MHz 60 mUI (p-p)
tOUTCCJ 52 Cycle-to-cycle jitter for clock output FOUT ≥ 100 MHz 600 ps (p-p)
FOUT < 100 MHz 60 mUI (p-p)
dKBIT Bit number of Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM) 32 bit
49 This specification is limited by the I/O maximum frequency. The maximum achievable I/O frequency is different for each I/O standard and is depends on design and system specific factors. Ensure proper timing closure in your design and perform HSPICE/IBIS simulations based on your specific design and system setup to determine the maximum achievable frequency in your system.
50 A high input jitter directly affects the PLL output jitter. To have low PLL output clock jitter, you must provide a clean clock source with jitter < 120 ps.
51 FREF is fIN/N, specification applies when N = 1.
52 External memory interface clock output jitter specifications use a different measurement method, which are available in Memory Output Clock Jitter Specification for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Devices table.