AN 944: Thermal Modeling for Intel® Agilex™ FPGAs with the Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator

ID 683810
Date 3/29/2021

6.1. Device Selection and Analysis Example

This section illustrates the setting of Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator (PTC) parameters for an example thermal analysis of a PCIe board. The first step in the design process is to select an FPGA device.

For the purpose of this example, choose a AGFA014R24A Intel® Agilex™ device, which has E and P transceiver tiles in addition to the core die.

Table 4.   Intel® Agilex™ FPGA AGFA014R24A Details
Feature Value Comment
Family Intel® Agilex™  
Device AGFA014R24A Intel® Agilex™ FPGA with P and E tiles.
Package R24A 47x36mm BGA package
Device Grade Extended -1 standard power  
Transceiver Grade P1  
Figure 6. Top View of AGFA014R24A with Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) Removed