Early Power Estimator for Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs User Guide

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Date 9/27/2022
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5.4. Heat Sink

The following equations show how to determine power when using a heat sink.

Figure 32. Total Power
Figure 33. Junction–to–Ambient Thermal Resistance

You can obtain the junction-to-case thermal resistance ( θJC) value that is specific to the FPGA from the data sheet. The case-to-heat-sink thermal resistance (θCS) value refers to the material that binds the heat sink to the FPGA and is approximated to be 0.1 °C/W. You can obtain the heat sink-to-ambient thermal resistance (θSA) value from the manufacturer of the heat sink. Ensure that you obtain this value for the right conditions for the FPGA, which include analyzing the correct heat sink information at the appropriate airflow at the device.