AN 741: Remote System Upgrade for MAX 10 FPGA Devices over UART with the Nios II Processor

ID 683661
Date 2/21/2017
Document Table of Contents

1.7.4. Updating Image and Triggering Reconfiguration using UART

To remotely configure your MAX10 FPGA development kit, perform the following steps:

  1. Note: Before you start, ensure the following:
    • the CONFIG_SEL pin on the board is set to 0
    • your board’s UART port is connected to your computer
    Open Remote Terminal.exe and the Remote Terminal interface opens.
  2. Click Settings and Serial port settings window will appear.
  3. Set the parameters of remote terminal to match the UART settings selected in Quartus II UART IP core. After setting is complete, click OK.
    Figure 4. UART Serial Port Settings Screen Capture
  4. Press the nCONFIG button on the development kit or key-in 1 in the Send text box, and then hit Enter.

    A list of operation choice will appear on the terminal, as shown below:

    Hello from Nios II!
    Enter 1,2,3 or 4 to select the operation:
    1: Write Image to CFM0
    2: Write Image to CFM1 and CFM2
    3: Trigger reconfiguration to CFM0 (Factory Image)
    4: Trigger reconfiguration to CFM1 and CFM2 (App Image)
    Note: To select an operation, key in the number in the Send text box, and then hit Enter.
  5. To update application image 1 with application image 2, select operation 2. You will be prompted to insert start and end address of CFM1 and CFM2.
    Note: The address shown in the map file includes ICB settings, CFM and UFM but the Altera On-Chip Flash IP can access CFM and UFM only. Hence, there is an address offset between the address shown in map file and Altera On-Chip Flash IP parameter window.
  6. Key in the address based on the address specified by the Altera On-Chip Flash IP parameter window.
    Figure 5. Start and End Address in Altera On-Chip Flash IP Core
    Please key in start address:
    Please key in end address:
    Erase will automatically start after you enter the end address.
    CFM2 Erased
    CFM1 Erased
    Enter Programming file.
  7. After erase successful, you will be prompted to enter programming .rpd file for application image 2. To upload image, click SendFile button, and then select the .rpd containing application image 2 only and click Open.
    Note: Other than application image 2, you can use any new image that you wish to update into the device.
    The update process will start directly and you can monitor the progress through the terminal. The operation menu will prompt Done and you can now choose the next operation.
  8. To trigger reconfiguration, select operation 4. You can observe the LED behavior indicating the different image loaded into the device.
    Image LED Status (Active Low)
    Factory Image 01010
    Application Image 1 10101
    Application Image 2 01110