AN 741: Remote System Upgrade for MAX 10 FPGA Devices over UART with the Nios II Processor

ID 683661
Date 2/21/2017
Document Table of Contents Generating files for Remote System Upgrade

To generate the .pof, .map and .rpd files for remote system upgrade, perform the following steps:

  1. Restore the Factory_image, application_image_1 and application_image_2, and compile all three designs.
  2. Generate two .pof files described in the following table:
    Note: Refer .pof Generation through Convert Programming Files for steps on generating .pof files.
    Generated .pof 2 .sof to be Included
    • Factory_Image.sof
    • Application_Image_1.sof
    • Factory_Image.sof
    • Application_Image_2.sof
    Note: You have to generate the .rpd and .map files when generating the .pof.
  3. Open the app2.rpd using any hex editor.
  4. In the hex editor, select the binary data block based on the start and end offset by referring to the .map file. The start and end offset for the 10M50 device is 0x12000 and 0xB9FFF respectively. Copy this block to a new file and save it in a different .rpd file. This new .rpd file contains application image 2 only.
    Figure 3. Example of .map fileThe start and end offsets shown are applicable for 10M50 devices.
2 File name for the generated .pof is an example. You are free to rename the files differently.