Intel Acceleration Stack Quick Start Guide for Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

ID 683633
Date 12/04/2020
Document Table of Contents

A.1.1. Updating FPGA Flash and BMC Firmware

Before you begin:

  • The FIM must be at version 1.2 and the BMC version must be 26889.
  • OPAE Software package (Version 1.1.2-2) must be installed. This can be checked by running:
    rpm -qa | grep opae
  • Do not interrupt the commands.
  • These commands must be run on a Host Machine and not on a Virtual Machine.
  • Stop any service or daemon accessing the FPGA before updating the FPGA flash. For example, stop the pacd service by using command:
    systemctl stop pacd.service
  • All files required for the FIM and BMC update are located at /usr/share/opae/a10-gx-pac/*.
Important: You must not downgrade your BMC firmware after upgrading to version 26895. BMC version 26895 only supports the Acceleration Stack 1.2.1 FIM (38d782e3-b612-5343-b934-2433e348ac4c) and no prior Acceleration Stack release is supported. Please check compatibility of intended AFU workloads with Acceleration Stack 1.2.1 before upgrading the board. For questions, please contact your Intel® sales representative or workload solutions partner.

The following steps update the Intel® PAC with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA card:

  1. Run the one-time secure update command to update the FPGA flash:
    sudo fpgaotsu /usr/share/opae/a10*/one*/otsu-09C4.json
    sudo fpgaotsu /usr/share/opae/a10*/fpgaotsu/base/otsu-09C4.json
    Note: This command can take up to 40 minutes to complete. Stop any service accessing the FPGA such as pacd before performing the update.
    Figure 6. Sample Output:
  2. Power cycle the server.
  3. Run the super-rsu command to update the BMC bootloader and firmware.
    sudo super-rsu /usr/share/opae/a10*/super*/*.json
    sudo super-rsu /usr/share/opae/a10-gx-pac/super-rsu/base/rsu-09c4.json
    Figure 7. Sample Output:
  4. Power cycle the server.
  5. Ensure BMC version (26895) and PR Interface ID or FIM version (38d782e3-b612-5343-b934-2433e348ac4c) is displayed while running:
    sudo fpgainfo fme

    For more information about the fpgasupdate tool, refer to the Open Programmable Acceleration Engine - Documentation web page on GIT and the Security User Guide: Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA (available at a later date).