Intel Acceleration Stack Quick Start Guide for Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

ID 683633
Date 12/04/2020
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5. Identifying the Flash Image and BMC Firmware

Each Acceleration Stack Release requires a different version of the FIM. Run the fpgainfo tool to identify the FIM (PR Interface ID) and BMC firmware currently loaded.
sudo fpgainfo fme

Sample Output (after updating to 1.2.1 FIM):

Board Management Controller, microcontroller FW version 26895
Last Power Down Cause: POK_CORE
Last Reset Cause: None
//****** FME ******//
Object Id                     : 0xED00000
PCIe s:b:d:f                  : 0000:D8:00:0
Device Id                     : 0x09C4
Socket Id                     : 0x00
Ports Num                     : 01
Bitstream Id                  : 0x124000200000338
Bitstream Version             : 1.2.4
Pr Interface Id               : 38d782e3-b612-5343-b934-2433e348ac4c
Boot Page                     : user
Table 4.  Correspondence Between Acceleration Stack, FIM, and OPAE Versions
Note: Intel recommends porting AFUs and workloads to the Intel Acceleration Stack v1.2.1. You must recompile and validate when upgrading to the new release. The Intel Acceleration Stack v1.2.1 cannot be downgraded to previous versions.
Acceleration Stack Version FIM Version (PR Interface ID) OPAE Version BMC Firmware Version
1.2.1 38d782e3-b612-5343-b934-2433e348ac4c 1.1.2-2


(bootloader version 26895)

1.2 69528db6-eb31-577a-8c36-68f9faa081f6 1.1.2-1


(bootloader version 26879)

1.1 9926ab6d-6c92-5a68-aabc-a7d84c545738 1.0.2 26822
1.0 ce489693-98f0-5f33-946d-560708be108a 0.13.1 26815
If your FIM and BMC firmware version correspond to the most recent version for 1.2.1, then proceed to the next section: Running FPGA Diagnostics. If your FIM version is out of date, go to Appendix A: Updating the FIM and BMC Firmware for further instructions.
Table 5.   Acceleration Stack Security Package Versions for 1.2.1
RHEL Ubuntu
One-Time-Secure-Update RPM: 1.2.1-13 One-Time-Secure-Update: 1.2.1
Super-RSU RPM Version: 1.2.1-13 Super-RSU Base: 1.2.1
opae.admin Version: 1.0.2-3 python-opae.admin: 1.0.2
opae-intel-fpga-driver-2.0.3-3 opae-intel-fpga-driver
opae.pac_sign: 1.0.3-1 python3-opae.pac-sign: 1.0.3-1