AN 717: Nios II Gen2 Hardware Development Tutorial

ID 683615
Date 9/22/2014
Document Table of Contents

1.5.3. Start the Software and Open the Example Project

The project serves as an easy starting point for the development flow. The project contains all settings and design files required to create the .sof. To open the project, perform the following steps:
  1. Start the software.
  2. Click Open Existing Project on the splash screen, or, on the File menu, click Open Project.
    The Open Project dialog box appears.
  3. Browse to the <design files directory>.
  4. Select the file nios2_quartus2_project.qpf and click Open.
  5. To display the Block Diagram File (.bdf) nios2_quartus2_project.bdf, perform the following steps:
    1. On the File menu, click Open.
      The Open dialog box appears.
    2. Browse to the <design files directory>.
    3. Select nios2_quartus2_project.bdf and click Open.
    The .bdf contains an input pin for the clock input and eight output pins to drive LEDs on the board.
Next, you create a new system, which you ultimately connect to these pins.