AN 717: Nios II Gen2 Hardware Development Tutorial

ID 683615
Date 9/22/2014
Document Table of Contents Generate the System

To generate the system, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Generation tab.
  2. Select None in both the Create simulation model and Create testbench system lists.
    Because this tutorial does not cover the hardware simulation flow, you can select these settings to shorten generation time.
  3. Click Generate. Click Yes when the Save changes? dialog box appears.
  4. Type first_nios2_system in the File name box and click Save.
    The Generate dialog box appears and system generation process begins. The generation process can take several minutes. When generation completes, prompt: Create HDL design files for synthesis.
  5. Click Close to close the dialog box.
  6. On the File menu, click Exit to close and return to the software.
You are ready to integrate the system into the hardware project and use the SBT for Eclipse to develop software.