CPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683595
Date 10/07/2022

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3.15.2. Accessing the Hyperframe Control Words

When you turn on Enable all control word access via management interface in the CPRI parameter editor, you can access the 256 control words in a hyperframe through the CPRI Intel® FPGA IP core CPU interface. The CTRL_INDEX register and the RX_CTRL register support your application in reading the incoming control words, and the L1_CONFIG register, CTRL_INDEX register, and TX_CTRL register support the application in writing to outgoing control words.

Register support provides you access to the full control word. Alternatively, in timing-critical applications, you can access the full control words through the CPRI IP core AUX interface or other dedicated direct interfaces.

Note: Intel® recommends that you use the CPU interface to access the hyperframe control words only in applications that are not timing-critical.