AN 100: In-System Programmability Guidelines

ID 683546
Date 9/22/2014
Document Table of Contents

1.2.2. Programming Through a Download Cable

You can program Altera devices with a MasterBlaster™, ByteBlasterMV™, ByteBlaster™ II, ByteBlaster, BitBlaster™, EthernetBlaster, or USB Blaster download cable. Using a PC or UNIX workstation with the Quartus II Programmer, you can download Programmer Object File (.pof), .jam, or .jbc files to the Altera devices through the download cable.

If you use the download cables and your JTAG chain contains three or more devices, Altera recommends adding a buffer to the chain. You must select a buffer with slow transitions to minimize noise, but ensure that the transition rates can still meet TCK performance requirements of your chain.

If you must extend the download cable, you can attach a standard PC parallel or USB port cable to the download cable. Do not extend the 10-pin header portion of the download cable; extending this portion of the cable can cause noise and in-system programming problems.

Note: Different download cables have different programming times. Refer related information.