AN 100: In-System Programmability Guidelines

ID 683546
Date 9/22/2014
Document Table of Contents

1.3.4. Devices in Different Modes

Errors can occur if some devices in the chain are operational while others are still being programmed. For this reason, MAX 7000S, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000AE, MAX 7000B, and MAX 3000A devices use a specific ISP instruction that prevents the devices from entering normal operation until all devices in the chain finish in-system programming. In this mode, these devices pass all boundary-scan data synchronously and wait for all other devices in the same family to complete programming before beginning operation. Thus, all of these devices begin operation simultaneously. APEX 20K, FLEX 10K, MAX 9000, and MAX 9000A devices do not currently support this mode. These devices are held in tri-state mode by the programming software until all device families have been programmed or configured.