Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* Design Example User Guide

ID 683517
Date 7/07/2023

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Document Table of Contents Testing Bitstream Configuration beyond 256 Channels (for MCDMA Custom Driver)

Note: In case, if the *.sof file generated with the number of channels > 256, please follow this procedure.
  1. Enable following macros in user/common/mk/
    __cflags += -DIFC_MCDMA_DIDF
    __cflags += -UIFC_MCDMA_SINGLE_FUNC
    Note: In case of AVMM, BDF is provided as an argument and you must define IFC_MCDMA_SINGLE_FUNC. __cflags += -DIFC_MCDMA_SINGLE_FUNC
  2. Go to this location:
    cd user/cli/perfq_app/
  3. Perform the following command:
    make clean && make all
  4. Run the test.
    • 1 channel (-c 1)
    • Packet gen bidirectional (-z)
    • Payload length of 64 bytes in each descriptor (-p 64)
    • Transfer the data 5 seconds (-l 2)
    • Number of threads that needs to be used (-a 4)
    • Dump the progress logs every second (-d 1)
    • File size (-f 64)
    • Batch size (-x 64)
    Note: To configure –f and –x manually, IFC_MCDMA_FUNC_VER should be defined.
    Command for pktgen:
    ./perfq_app -p 64 -l 2 -z -d 1 -c 2048 -a 4 -f 508 -x 508 -n
    Command for loopback:
    ./perfq_app -p 64 -l 2 -i -d 1 -c 2048\ 
    -a 4 -f 1 - x64


    1. Currently, in DIDF mode, single page is supported.
    2. Simultaneous process, currently cannot be supported in DIDF mode. You can run one process with 2k channels.