Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

ID 683498
Date 12/22/2017
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1.6.2. Upload the Flexlm License Server to the Server Machine

To obtain and upload a license server installer in the Azure* cloud:
  1. On your local machine, visit:
    You enter the Intel® FPGA download page.
    Figure 12.  Intel® FPGA Download Page
  2. Specify the parameters for your download file:
    Table 6.  Download Parameters
    Parameter Value
    Select Edition Pro
    Select Release 17.1
    Operating System Linux
    Download Method Direct Download
  3. Click the Additional Software tab.
  4. Check Flexlm License Server Software.
  5. Click Download Selected Files.
  6. When the download completes, send the file to the VM:
    • Linux:
      scp -i <private-key> <FlexLM-installer-filename> <user>@<host>:/home/<user>/
    • Windows:
      pscp -i <key-file-in-ppk-format> <FLexLM-installer-filename> <user>@<host>:/home/<user>/
The installer for the Flexlm License server is now in the virtual machine.

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