Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

ID 683498
Date 12/22/2017
Document Table of Contents Network Settings

These settings allow you to enhance the security of the virtual machine.
  1. In the Optional Settings pane, specify:
    Table 2.  Optional Settings
    Parameter Value
    Virtual network

    Select the virtual network to place the machine. If you do not select a virtual network, Azure* generates one, with default security settings.

    Important: You can increase the security settings by restricting SSH access to known IP addresses, or by disabling SSH access and using a bastion host.

    For information about creating a Virtual Network, refer to the Azure* documentation.

    Subnet Select a section of the virtual network to place on the machine. Machines on the same subnet can access each other.
    Public IP address Specify the public DNS name for this machine. You can create a new, select any existing Public IP address resource, or select None.
    • If you select None, you must reach the new machine through a bastion host.
    • If you create a new IP address, you can select Dynamic or Static. Dynamic IP changes each time that the VM stops or restarts.
    Network security group (firewall) Specify the type of network traffic allowed to reach the machine.
    1. Click the entry.
    2. Select the Choose network security group panel.
    3. Create a new group or specify an existing one. If you don't select a security group, Azure* generates one that allows connection requests from any IP.
    Important: Intel® recommends creating security rules in the network security group.

    For information about creating a network security group, refer to the Azure* documentation.

    Auto-shutdown This option enables machine to automatically shutdown at a specific time. This feature is useful if you do not use the machine after office hours. To activate this feature:
    1. Click On.
    2. Specify the Shutdown time and time zone.
  2. Click OK to see the summary of settings.
Note: You can also click Download template and parameters to store the image settings to a file for later use.

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