Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

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Date 12/22/2017
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1.6.3. Configure and Start the License Server

Set up the license server in the virtual machine:
  1. Connect to the virtual machine using SSH.
  2. From the virtual machine, configure the Flexlm license server to run as a Systemd service and start at boot:
    sudo ./FlexlmSetup-<release> -linux.run –installdir /opt/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm –mode unattended
  3. Get the MAC address of the license server:
    /opt/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/bin/lmutil lmhostid
  4. Regenerate your Intel® Quartus® Prime license for the license server from the Self Service Licensing Server.
    • You must log on your My Intel account.
    • For details on using the Self-Service Licensing Server, refer to the Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing.
  5. When you receive the license file, follow the instructions in the email and customize the file.
  6. Upload the file to the license server:
    • Linux:
      scp -i <private-key> <license>.dat <user>@<dns-or-ip-addr>:/opt/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/license.dat
    • Windows:
      pscp -i <private-key> <license>.dat <user>@<dns-or-ip-addr>:/opt/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/license.dat
    To improve security, a non-root user runs the license server.
  7. On the license server, create a user named flexlm:
    sudo adduser flexlm
  8. Delete the password for the flexlm user:
    sudo passwd -d flexlm
    This action makes the user only available to root.
  9. Give ownership of the Flexlm files to flexlm user
    sudo chown -R flexlm:flexlm /opt/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/
  10. Create a systemd init service unit to run the license service after booting the Linux kernel, Create a file named intelFPGA.service in /etc/systemd/system/
    A service unit file describes what process to run and how to manage it.
  11. In the intelFPGA.service file, add the following content:
    Description=Auto Start intelFPGA License Server 
    Type=simple ExecStart=/usr/bin/su flexlm -c '/tools/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/bin/lmgrd
    												-c /tools/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/license.dat
    												-z -l /tools/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/flexlm/debug.log'

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