Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

ID 683498
Date 12/22/2017
Document Table of Contents Basic Settings

Specify the basic settings. When you finish, click OK to move to the next step.
  1. In your local machine, create a SSH key pair to use as authentication method.
    For information about creating SSH keys, refer to the Microsoft* Azure* Documentation.
  2. In the Basics pane, specify the following parameters:
    Table 1.  Virtual Machine Basic Settings
    Parameter Value
    Name Name of the machine.
    VM Disk Type Select SSD (solid state drive). This option offers faster performance.
    User Name Administrator name on the virtual machine. You use this name to connect to the machine.
    Authentication type
    Authentication method to connect to the machine.
    • Select SSH public key, and type or paste the public key that you created.
    Subscription Which Azure* account to use.
    Resource group Resource group associated to the virtual machine. You can create a new resource group or use an existing one. Resource groups are mandatory, and help you organize and locate resources.
    Location Azure* datacenter of the machine. Select the datacenter that is closest to you for lowest latency.
    Figure 3. Virtual Machine Basic Settings

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