Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

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Date 12/22/2017
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1.5. Persistent Storage and Data Transference

An Azure* machine has two types of storage: Local storage and managed disk.

Local storage is available on /mnt/resources, and is physically attached to the machine. When you stop the machine, the data in /mnt/resource is removed.

Managed disk is available in /dev/sda, and contains two partitions: /opt is mounted on the /dev/sda2 partition, and contains the installation of Intel® FPGA software.

The root directory / is mounted on /dev/sda1 and has 30GB of storage. You cannot expand /dev/sda1.

  • To add more disk space to the OS disk, you can update the size of the disk, create a new partition, and mount the partition on a directory under / such as /mydata.
  • To share storage among multiple virtual machines, or with machines on premise, use one of the following methods:
    Table 4.  Storage and File Sharing Methods for Azure* Virtual Machines
    File Sharing Method More Information
    Secure Copy Protocol Linux scp For information about using the Secure Copy Protocol with Azure* machines, refer to the Microsoft* Azure* Documentation.
    Windows WinSCP
    Windows (PuTTy) pscp
    Azure* File Share For information about Azure* File Share, refer to the Microsoft* Azure* Documentation.
    Network File System NFS Allows you to share a directory for all your machines.

    For information about NFS, refer to Configure shared storage and move database files in the Microsoft* SQL Documentation.

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