Quick Start Guide for Intel® FPGA Development Tools on the Microsoft* Azure* Platform

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Date 12/22/2017
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1.4.6. Obtaining a GUI Desktop on the Running Azure* Virtual Machine

After establishing a connection to the virtual machine using SSH, you can obtain a GUI desktop.
  1. In a terminal connected to the remote machine, type:
    The script shows a list of display resolutions.
  2. Select a display resolution.
  3. Create and type a VNC password.
    Note: You use this password later when you start the VNC session.
    The script starts a VNC Server on localhost:5901
  4. On your local machine, configure the SSH session to forward to source port 53001 to destination localhost:5901.

    This action makes the connection more secure, because the only way to connect to the machine is through a secured SSH tunnel.

    • Windows: Setup PuTTY’s tunnel (In SSH > Tunnels) to enable local ports accept connections from other ports and Forward ports.
      Source port




    • Linux:
      ssh -i mysshkey -l <admin-username>
                      -L 5300:localhost:5901 <public-dns-or-ip-address>
  5. Start VNC Viewer in your local computer, and connect to server on localhost:5300
A successful connection opens a desktop view of the machine.
Figure 8. VNC Connection to the Azure* Virtual Machine
1 If another VNC session or application is using the port 5300, substitute for a different port.

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