Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

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Date 1/31/2023
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5.6. Other Licensing Actions

The Self-Service Licensing Center in the Intel webpage allows you to view, request, activate, and manage your software licenses. You must have a My Intel account to access the Self-Service Licensing Center.

Besides requesting licensing files and activating software, you can perform the following tasks with the Self-Service Licensing Center:

  • View existing licenses—you can view all your existing licenses, including their expiration dates, available rehosts, and licensed users.
  • Renew licenses—you can renew your existing licenses.
  • Rehost licenses—you can transfer your existing licenses from one computer to another. You have a total of three rehosts for each license.
  • Add seats to a floating license—you can add seats to your existing floating licenses.
  • Manage license users—you can specify the licensed user for each of your existing licenses.
  • View license history—you can view the license file history for each computer that you add to your My Intel account.

Additionally, you can also split a floating license, obtain a checkout license, or obtain a companion license with the Self-Service Licensing Center.

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