PCI Express: Migrating to Stratix 10 from Arria 10 for the Avalon-MM and Avalon-MM DMA Interfaces

ID 683459
Date 1/23/2017

3.10. Error Interface

Table 11.  Error Interface
Stratix 10 Arria 10, Stratix V Comments



Stratix 10: The TX Transaction Layer or TX Data Link Layer asserts tx_par_err to indicate a parity error.

Arria 10, Stratix V: The following encodings are defined:

  • 2’b10: TX Transaction Layer detects a parity error

    2’b01: TX Data Link Layer detects a parity error


Not supported

Stratix 10: When asserted, indicates an uncorrectable 2-bit ECC error in the RX buffer.

Arria 10, Stratix V: Not supported.

Not supported


Stratix 10: Not supported.

Arria 10, Stratix V: Indicates a parity error in a TLP routed to the internal Configuration Space. This error is also logged in the Vendor Specific Extended Capability Internal Error register. You must reset the IP core if this error occurs.