Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer: User Guide

ID 683448
Date 4/01/2024
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2.3.1. Channel Plot Panel

This panel contains the Channel Viewer and Plot Selector. The Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer Channel Viewer shows the characteristics of the channels in the channel list with the plot options specified. Use the Channel Viewer to plot channels with different options and browse the plots. Use the Plot Selector to choose one of the existing plots.

The Channel Viewer provides the following GUI capabilities:

  • Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Data Select—Right-click on the Channel Plot panel to select one of these functions. To zoom in on the plot, select Zoom In and then click and drag a rectangle box to show the details of the plot. To zoom out, select Zoom Out. Up to ten previous scalings are saved, so you can restore older versions by clicking Zoom Out more than once. To pan over the plot, select Pan and then click and drag the plot.
  • Data Cursor—Turn on Data Cursor to show the data cursor boxes. You can select and drag a data cursor box with the data values shown in the box. The data values are colored according to the data lines.
  • Legends—Plot legends are shown when plots are generated. Use the Page-Up, Page-Down, Home, and End keys on the keyboard to move the legend box. You can also turn Legends on or off to show or hide the legend box.