AN794: Arria 10 Low Latency Ethernet 10G MAC and XAUI PHY Reference Design

ID 683438
Date 2/01/2017

1.8. Reference Design Debug Features

This design includes a Signal Tap II (STP) file (top.stp) to help you self-debug if you encounter any design issues on the hardware.
The STP file contains 2 instances:
  • Status – monitors the design channel's ready, reset, and PHY statuses.
  • XGMII – monitors the packet condition at XGMII and Avalon-ST interfaces.
Figure 9. Status InstanceThe figure shows that the design channel is ready with resets deasserted.
Figure 10. XGMII InstanceThe figure shows the XGMII (10G) and Avalon-ST (client) interface data path signals to monitor and debug packet conditions during transmission and reception.

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