Intel Acceleration Stack Quick Start Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005

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Date 7/09/2021
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4. Identify the FPGA Interface Manager (FIM) and BMC Firmware Version

Each Acceleration Stack release has a unique FIM version. Use the fpgainfo command to identify the FIM (PR interface) and BMC firmware version by running the following command:

sudo fpgainfo fme
Sample output:
Board Management Controller, microcontroller FW version 2.0.12, RTL version 2.0.6
//****** FME ******//
Object Id                           : 0xED00000
PCIe s:b:d:f                        : 0000:AF:00:0
Device Id                           : 0x0B2B
Ports Num                           : 01
Bitstream Id                        : 0x202000200000237
Bitstream Version                   : 2.0.2
Pr Interface Id                     : 9346116d-a52d-5ca8-b06a-a9a389ef7c8d
MAC address                         : 64:4c:36:f:44:1f

The Intel® FPGA PAC D5005 enumerates as PCIe device 8086:0b2b. To identify the PCIe* Bus: Device: Function, type:

lspci | grep 0b2b 
AF:00.0 Processing accelerators: Intel Corporation Device 0b2b (rev 01) 
This output indicates:
  • Bus: 0xAF
  • Device 0x00
  • Function 0x0
Table 2.  Correspondence Between Acceleration Stack, FIM, and OPAE Versions
Note: BMC Firmware Versions beginning with the number 2 that are downloaded to the Intel® FPGA PAC indicate the board is is capable of secure bitstream authentication.
Acceleration Stack Version FIM Version (PR Interface ID) OPAE Version BMC Firmware Version BMC MAX10 Version
2.0.1 9346116d-a52d-5ca8-b06a-a9a389ef7c8d 1.1.4-8 2.0.12 2.0.6
2.0.1 (Beta) 8db6b54c-930e-5976-a03b-09f3c913aa95 1.1.4-8 2.0.10 2.0.4
2.0.1 (Pre-Beta) 3faf8a54-b32c-5f83-8f99-5c7c3ef9ce51 1.1.4-6 2.0.6 2.0.2
2.0 bfac4d85-1ee8-56fe-8c95-865ce1bbaa2d 1.1.4-3 1.0.12 1.0.15
2.0 (Pre-Beta) a9f2d0f3-b398-57b0-b34f-d226bf364fee 1.1.4-1 1.0.6 1.0.6
If your FIM and BMC firmware version correspond to the most recent version for Acceleration Stack 2.0.1, then proceed to the next chapter, Running FPGA Diagnostics. If your FIM or BMC is an older version, follow the steps in the next section: Updating the FIM and BMC.