Battery Management System Reference Design

ID 683279
Date 4/02/2016
Document Table of Contents

1.2.8. Downloading the BMS Reference Design Nios II Software to the Device

  1. Start Nios II EDS, by clicking Start > Altera > Nios II EDS > Nios II Command Shell
  2. In the command shell, go to the software project folder by entering:cd <reference_design_path>/software/bms_soc_microc
  3. In the command shell, download the software by entering: nios2-download -r –g bms_soc_microc.elf
    When the downloadis successful, you see the following message in the terminal:
    Using cable “USB-BlasterII on <computername> [USB-1]”, device 1, instance 0x00
    Resetting and pausing target processor: OK
    Initializing CPU cache <if present>
    Downloaded 65KB in 0.0s
    Verified OK
    Starting Processor at address 0x00000190 
  4. In the Nios II EDS, click Run > Run configurations... .
  5. Double click Nios II Hardware to generate a new run configuration.
  6. Click New_configuration.
  7. On the Project tab select the bms_soc_microc project in Project name.
  8. Turn on Enable browse for file system ELF file.
  9. Browse to the software\ bms_soc_microc and select bms_soc_microc.elf.
  10. On the Target Connection tab, click Refresh Connections.
    The software finds the USB-Blaster cable.
  11. Click Apply to save changes, optionally specifying a name for the new configuration.
  12. Click Run to start the software.
  13. Check that the terminal console display shows the message:
    Start hardware interaction