Battery Management System Reference Design

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Date 4/02/2016
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1.2.9. MATLAB Simulink Top-Level Design for the BMS Reference Design

The reference design uses the Simulink model demo_top.slx, which calls setup_demo_top.m file to initialize all parameters.
Figure 4. Simulink Top-Level Design
The driving cycle block allows you to select the speed profile.
Figure 5. Driving Cycle
The car model block allows you to select the car model parameters.
Figure 6. Car Model
The battery pack contains the battery model block, which allows you to select the battery parameters.
Figure 7. Battery Model
The DEKF-FPGA block communicates with the FPGA. It sends input, including initial values, voltage and current data, to the FPGA, and receives SOC estimation, and updated battery model parameters from the FPGA. Three scope windows, including cell 1 and 2 information, and SOC value for the first 12 cells, appear by default when you open the Simulink top level design. You can add more scopes in the floating scope block.
Figure 8. Cell Information
Figure 9. SOC values for 12 Cells