Customizable Flash Programmer User Guide

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Date 4/28/2023
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3.3.2. TCL Script User Setting

You may use any text editor to edit the TCL script under the User Setting section.

Table 5.  TCL Script User Setting
Setting Options Description
chip_select 0, 1, 2 Specify the access to which flash attached to the FPGA. Only applicable to Intel® Arria® 10 and Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX. For other FPGA devices, always set to 0.
byte_addressing 0, 1

Select the flash byte-addressing mode.

  • 0 = 3-byte addressing
  • 1 = 4-byte addressing
dummy_clock N Specify the number of dummy clock cycles for the flash commands. Refer to the third-party quad SPI flash datasheet.
baud_rate 1 – 16

Specify the IP clock divisor for the quad SPI clock.

  • 1 = div2
  • 2 = div4
  • 3 = div6
  • 16 = div32

For example, if baud_rate = 1, the IP clock is 100 MHz, the quad SPI clock is 50 MHz.

cs_assert_delay N Specify the delay clock cycles before asserting nCS to initiate the flash command.
read_opcode flash read opcode Enter the flash read opcode. Refer to the third-party quad SPI flash datasheet for flash read opcode.
write_opcode flash write opcode Enter the flash write opcode. Refer to the third-party quad SPI flash datasheet for flash write opcode.
polling_opcode 0x05 Applicable to all flash devices except Micron flash device.
0x70 Only applicable to Micron flash device.
verify_during_programming 0, 1

Verify the written data on the fly.

Intel recommends setting verify_during_programming = 1 for first time programming to ensure the script works. For subsequent programming, set verify_during_programming = 0 to reduce programming time.

burst_auto 0, 1 Set burst_auto = 1 to improve programming time. Set burst_auto = 0 if burst auto mode is unstable.
source <extended_script>.tcl <Extended TCL script file> Source for extended TCL script. For example, to source for Micron-specific flash commands in an extended TCL scripts, use this command: source micron_mt25q.tcl.