Customizable Flash Programmer User Guide

ID 683271
Date 4/28/2023
Document Table of Contents
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3. Implementing the Customizable Flash Programmer

To implement the Customizable Flash Programmer, follow these steps:

  1. Generate the Raw Programming Data File (.rpd) from the design that you want to program into the flash device.
    1. Understand quad SPI flash byte-addressing.
    2. Understand dummy clock cycles for Single and Quad IO Fast Read in your flash device.
    3. Generate the .rpd file using the Convert Programming File tool.
  2. Compile the Programmer Image project and generate the SRAM Object File (.sof).
    1. Download the project from the Design Store.
    2. Compile the Programmer Image project.
      1. Select the target FPGA.
      2. Assign the clock pin accordingly if needed. Certain FPGAs, such as Stratix® IV, require external clock.
  3. Customize the TCL script for the flash device selected.
    Certain flash registers may need to be programmed. For example: setting power up 4-byte addressing mode, dummy clock cycles, and quad enable.
  4. Program the flash using the System Console.
    1. Configure the Programmer Image .sof file into FPGA using the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer.
    2. Execute the TCL script and program the flash using the System Console.