ModelSim* - Intel® FPGA Edition Simulation Quick-Start: Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition

ID 683248
Date 12/30/2019

1. ModelSim* - Intel® FPGA Edition Simulation Quick-Start ( Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition)

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 18.0
This document demonstrates how to simulate an Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition design in the ModelSim*- Intel® FPGA Edition simulator. Design simulation verifies your design before device programming. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software generates simulation files for supported EDA simulators during design compilation.
ModelSim*- Intel® FPGA Edition

Design simulation involves generating setup scripts for your simulator, compiling simulation models, running the simulation, and viewing the results. The following steps describe this flow in detail:

  1. Open the Example Design
  2. Specify EDA Tool Settings
  3. Launch Simulation from the Intel Quartus Prime Software
  4. View Signal Waveforms
  5. Add Signals to the Simulation
  6. Rerun Simulation
  7. Modify the Simulation Testbench
  8. (Optional) Run Simulation at Command Line