Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA Data Sheet

ID 683226
Date 10/26/2020
Document Table of Contents

2.2.3. Interfaces and Dimensions

  • PCI Express (PCIe) x8 Gen3 electrical, x16 mechanical for stability
    Note: The Intel® PAC with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA does not support PCIe Gen4.
  • USB 2.0 interface for debugging.
  • 1x Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable+ (QSFP+) with 4x 10GbE or 40GbE support.
  • The Intel® PAC fits into 1U servers.
  • ½ Length, full height card with air duct installed (default)
  • ½ Length, ½ height card with air duct removed and low profile bracket installed
  • Standard bracket available with air duct addition available.
Note: One rack unit is 44.5 mm (1.75 inches) high. One rack unit is commonly designated as "1U".