ASMI Parallel Intel® FPGA IP Core User Guide

ID 683205
Date 7/02/2019
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1.4.9. Erase Memory in Bulk on the EPCS/EPCQ/EPCQ-L256/EPCQ-A Device

Use the bulk_erase signal to instruct the IP core to erase memory in bulk on the EPCS/EPCQ/EPCQ-L256/EPCQ-A device.
Figure 17. Erasing Memory in BulkThis figure shows an example of the latency when the ASMI Parallel Intel® FPGA IP core is executing the erase memory in bulk command. The latency shown does not correctly reflect the true processing time. The latency only shows the command.
This command erases the entire memory on the EPCS/EPCQ/EPCQ-L256/EPCQ-A device, including the configuration data portion. You must use this command with caution.
Note: When the busy signal is deasserted, allow two clock cycles before sending a new signal. This delay allows the circuit to reset itself before executing the next command.

If the wren signal has a value of one, the IP core registers the bulk_erase signal at the rising edge of the clkin signal. The IP core asserts the busy signal as soon as it receives the bulk_erase signal. The busy signal remains asserted for as long as it takes to erase the entire EPCS/EPCQ/EPCQ-L256/EPCQ-A memory.

If the wren signal has a value of zero, then the IP core will not carry out the bulk_erase signal, and the busy signal remains deasserted.

Also, if the memory regions are protected (you can set this in the EPCS/EPCQ/EPCQ-L256/EPCQ-A status register), then the erase operation does not proceed, and the busy signal is deasserted. The illegal_erase port is then asserted for two clock cycles to indicate that the erase operation has been canceled.

Note: If you keep both the wren and bulk_erase ports asserted while the busy signal is deasserted after the IP core has finished erasing memory in bulk command, the IP core re-registers the wren and bulk_erase signals as a value of one and carries out another bulk erase operation. Therefore, before the IP core deasserts the busy signal, you must deassert the wren and bulk_erase signals. This feature is not available for EPCQ-L512 and EPCQ-L1024.