Intel® Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

ID 683159
Date 4/11/2018

1.7. Troubleshooting

Mitigate the following errors with the provided solution.

Error messages:
  • # [SIM] An ASE instance is probably still running in current directory !
  • # [SIM] Check for PID 28816
  • # [SIM] Simulation will exit... you may use a SIGKILL to kill the simulation process.
  • # [SIM] Also check if file is removed before proceeding.
  1. Kill zombie simulation processes and temporary files left behind by failed simulation processes or crashes by issuing command pkill ase_simv
  2. Delete file from the directory specified in the –r switch of the or command. Default directory is $OPAE_LOC/rtl_sim.

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