Intel® Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

ID 683159
Date 4/11/2018

1.1. System Requirements

  • 64-bit Linux operating system. ASE has been tested on CentOS 7.4 with Linux kernel 3.10
  • Simulator:
    • 64-bit Synopsys* VCS-MX-2016.06-SP2-1 RTL Simulator
    • 64-bit Mentor Graphics* Modelsim SE Simulator (Version 10.5c)
    • 64-bit Mentor Graphics* QuestaSim Simulator (Version 10.5c)
  • C-Compiler: gcc 4.7.0 and above
  • cmake: version 2.8.12
  • GLIBC: version 2.17 or above
  • Python: version 2.7 or above
  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition (17.0.0 version)

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