Intel Stratix 10 SoC UEFI Boot Loader User Guide

ID 683134
Date 6/19/2020

4.1.2. Creating an SD Card Image

  1. Generate UEFI Bootloader and FIP as in Building the UEFI Boot Loader and Generating the FIP.
  2. Build Linux and root file system based on the instructions in Rocketboard.
  3. Build the SD card image:
    1. Get the make_image python script and make it executable:
      $ wget
      $ chmod +x
    2. Prepare the fat partition contents:
      $ mkdir fat && cd fat
      $ cp <your linux image folder>/linux-socfpga/arch/arm64/boot/Image
      $ cp <your device tree folder>/linux-socfpga/arch/arm64/boot/dts/altera/socfpga_stratix10_socdk.dtb
    3. Prepare the root file system partition contents:
      $ mkdir rootfs && cd rootfs
      $ tar xf <your rootfs directory>/gsrd-console-image-*.tar.xz
    4. Create the SD card image:
      $ sudo ./ -f -P fip.bin,num=3,format=raw,size=10M, type=A2 -P rootfs/\
      *,num=2,format=ext3,size=1500M -P Image,socfpga_stratix10_socdk.dtb,num=1,format=fat32,size=500M -s 2G -n sdimage.img
      Note: If you already have an SD image with A2 partition, you can replace the FIP file with the command below:
      $ sudo dd if =arm-trusted-firmware/build/stratix10/release/fip.bin of=/dev/sdx3