Intel Stratix 10 SoC UEFI Boot Loader User Guide

ID 683134
Date 6/19/2020

4.1.4. Debugging with DS

This section describes how to load ATF and UEFI bootloader to the physical board through DS.

  1. Ensure that you have installed DS. Launch eclipse using the following command:
    $ armds_ide &
  2. Set up new debug connection:
    Figure 2. Step Illustration
  3. After configuration is complete, connect to the target.
    Note: You must program the board with ghrd_1sx280lu2f50e2vg_hps_debug.sof before connecting to the target.
  4. In the DS command console, you may load a debug script with the following contents to download the ATF and UEFI bootloader to physical board.
    # Load BL2 using debugger
    restore <path to ATF>/build/stratix10/debug/bl2.bin binary 0xffe00000
    add-symbol-file <path to ATF>/build/stratix10/debug/bl2/bl2.elf
    # Initial State
    set $pc = 0xffe00000
    # Skips watchdog
    hbreak watchdog_init
    wait 5s
    set $r0 = 0
    set $pc = $lr
    # Skips image authentication
    # BL31
    hbreak load_auth_image
    wait 5s
    set $r0 = 0
    set $pc = $lr
    # BL33 (UEFI)
    wait 5s
    set $r0 = 0
    set $pc = $lr
    # Load BL31 & BL33 using debugger
    # BL31_BASE = 0x1000
    restore <path to ATF>/build/stratix10/debug/bl31.bin binary 0x1000
    add-symbol-file <path to ATF>/build/stratix10/debug/bl31/bl31.elf
    # PLAT_NS_IMAGE_OFFSET = 0x10000000
    restore <path to UEFI>/Build/Stratix10SoCPkg/DEBUG_GCC48/FV/INTELSTRATIX10_EFI.fd binary 0x10000000