Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683021
Date 2/23/2024
Document Table of Contents

5.1. SDM RSU Support

Besides implementing the actual RSU configuration flow, the SDM offers commands to interact with RSU:
  • Get the flash address of the currently running image.
  • Get details on the errors that occurred when trying to load an image which failed.
  • Clear the sticky error information to be able to record new error information.
  • Get the locations of SPTs.
  • Load a specific image.
  • Report the state of HPS software.
  • Query the value of the current retry counter.
  • Reset the value of the current retry counter.

The SDM commands need to be called from EL3, the highest execution level on Cortex*-A53.

The SDM commands are not publicly documented. Full support is offered for accessing the relevant services from both U-Boot and LIBRSU.