Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683021
Date 2/23/2024
Document Table of Contents

8.2. Component Interfaces

The SDM provides commands which are accessed by ATF (Arm Trusted Firmware). ATF exports the functionality through an SMC (Secure Monitor Call) handler for the rest of HPS software to use.

You can access the RSU functionality through U-Boot. The SMC handler is used by U-Boot to implement the RSU functionality.

Figure 8. U-Boot RSU Components and Interfaces

You can also access the RSU services through LIBRSU. In this case the SMC handler is used by the Linux* kernel drivers which then expose the functionality to LIBRSU which then is used by Linux* applications in general, and RSU Client application in particular.

Figure 9. Linux RSU Components and Interfaces

The horizontal dotted lines in the above diagrams show interfaces between components. The SDM firmware, U-Boot and LIBRSU access the SDM Flash, so an interface is shown there too.

Important: Newer versions of the Intel® Quartus® Prime software typically include new or updated SDM features implemented in firmware. When generating your configuration bitstream, Intel® recommends using the latest version of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software which includes the latest firmware. You do not need to recompile your .sof file to use the firmware from a newer version of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software. You can simply regenerate your configuration bitstream with the new version of the Programming File Generator.