Serial Digital Interface (SDI) II Intel® FPGA IP Release Notes

ID 683016
Date 4/09/2024

1.1. SDI II Intel® FPGA IP v19.5.0

Table 1.  v19.5.0 2024.04.09
Quartus® Prime Version Description Impact
24.1 Updates to SDI II Intel® FPGA IP Design Example targeting F-Tile:
  • Resolved failure when user asserted multiple resets.
  • Resolved reset issue in HD mode.
  • Nios® II to Nios® V migration.
  • Misc: Select Targeted board dropdown menu now includes options for Agilex™ 7 I-Series SoC Development Kit FA and FB.
The Nios® V migration requires that you use new commands when rebuilding software to generate the new .elf file. If you are not rebuilding the software, there is no impact.