Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 7/13/2023
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Compare Results

The information in an Intel Inspector results comparison is most useful when you compare two results of the same analysis type from the same project, such as two Detect Leaks (mi1) results.

To compare two results:

  1. From the:
    • Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools> Intel Inspector> Compare....

      In Visual Studio* 2022, Intel Inspector provides lightweight integration. You can configure and compile your application and open the standalone Intel Inspector interface from the Visual Studio for further analysis. All your settings will be inherited by the standalone Intel Inspector project.
    • Standalone Intel Inspector GUI menu, choose File > Open > Results Comparison....

  2. In the Compare Results pane, choose two *.inspxe files.
  3. On the Command toolbar, click the Compare button.
Outcome: The Intel Inspector displays a result that looks similar to a standard analysis result with the following exceptions:
  • Result tab name - The Intel® Inspector shows the names of the results selected for comparison in the following manner: Results Comparison: "<Result 1 name>" - "<Result 2 name>"

  • State information - The Intel Inspector shows:

    • Result 1 or Result 2 if the issue was detected in only one of the results

    • Both if the issue was detected in both results


Intel Inspector does not save result comparisons. The information disappears if you close the result tab, open another project, close the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI, or close the Visual Studio* IDE.