Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 7/13/2023
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Display Application Output

When you run an analysis on an application, the Intel Inspector executes that application. You can send application output to the:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio* output window

  • Collection Log window

  • Separate console window

To choose an output destination :

    • Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools > Options.... In the Options dialog box, expand the Intel Inspector <version> folder and choose the General page.

      In Visual Studio* 2022, Intel Inspector provides lightweight integration. You can configure and compile your application and open the standalone Intel Inspector interface from the Visual Studio for further analysis. All your settings will be inherited by the standalone Intel Inspector project.
    • Standalone Intel Inspector GUI menu, choose File > Options.... In the Options dialog box, choose the General page.

  1. In the Application output destination group, select the appropriate radio button.
  2. Choose the OK button.

Outcome: The next time you run an analysis, the application executes in the selected output destination.


If you must interact with the application during execution, choose the separate console window option or use stdin redirection on the command line.