Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 7/13/2023
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Troubleshooting Tamper-resistance Issues


When you run an Intel Inspector analysis, the application:

  • Reports symptoms of unauthorized use.

  • Disables features.

  • Terminates execution.


Intel Inspector uses dynamic binary instrumentation technology to identify issues and collect results. An application may implement runtime checks to ensure it is not used in unintended ways. Typically such checks ensure you do not tamper with license checking, digital rights management (DRM), or other security-related features. An application implementing such checks may incorrectly identify dynamic binary instrumentation technology as evidence of tampering.

Possible Correction Strategies

If possible, turn off tamper-resistance features during application development when the Intel Inspector is used. Otherwise, build the application in such a way that it is possible to debug by attaching a debugger, setting breakpoints, and stepping through the code.