Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 7/13/2023
Document Table of Contents

Intel Inspector Debug Extensions in the Visual Studio* IDE

Intel Inspector functionality appears in the Visual Studio* debugger in the following manner:


The Problem Details pane appears automatically when a problem breakpoint occurs. Use this pane to view the same problem details found in the Intel Inspector result, duplicated within the debugger workspace for convenient referencing; and to disable and re-enable problem breakpoints.


Use the Debug > Windows > Problem Details menu option to reopen the Intel InspectorProblems Details pane.

Use the Debug > Continue with Intel Inspector <version> Analysis menu option in conjunction with the Select analysis start location with debugger analysis configuration option to start checking for errors at a specific point in an application.

In Visual Studio* 2022, Intel Inspector provides lightweight integration. You can configure and compile your application and open the standalone Intel Inspector interface from the Visual Studio for further analysis. All your settings will be inherited by the standalone Intel Inspector project.