Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 48, April 2022

Published: 04/22/2022

  • Letter from the Editor: Elephants in the SYCL Room by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • Winning the NeurIPS Billion-Scale Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Challenge
    Unleashing Intel® Xeon® Processors with Intel® Optane™ Technology to Drastically Improve Search Performance 
  • Optimizing End-to-End Artificial Intelligence Pipelines
    Optimization Strategies for AI Pipelines on Intel® Xeon® Processors                                                   
  • Optimizing Artificial Intelligence Applications
    Better AI Performance with Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimized Software 
  • Five Outstanding Additions Found in SYCL  2020
    The SYCL Programming Language Is Evolving                                                                            
  • Accelerating the 2D Fourier Correlation Algorithm with ArrayFire and oneAPI
    A Side-by-Side Look at the ArrayFire and oneAPI Abstractions for Heterogeneous Parallelism 
  • The Maxloc Reduction in oneAPI
    Implementing This Common Parallel Pattern in SYCL and oneDPL                                                          
  • More Productive and Performant C++ Programming with oneDPL
    In a Heterogeneous Computing Landscape, Open Standards and Portability Are Your Allies 


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