Legacy Quartus® II Web Edition Licenses (pre v8.1)

Beginning with version 8.1, a license file is no longer required for the Intel® Quartus® Prime Lite Edition or Quartus II Web Edition software.

For Versions Older than 8.1

To set up a Quartus II Web Edition software license for versions older than 8.1, perform the following steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of any existing license.dat file for future reference.
  2. Save the new license.dat file (attached to the email you received when you requested the license from Intel® FPGA License Center) to your computer's hard drive. Intel® FPGA recommends that you save and use the license.dat file attached to the email. If you cannot receive email attachments, the email includes instructions on how to create a license.dat file.
  3. Specify the license location. The license location is <path to license file>\license.dat, where <path to license file> is the full directory path to the license file, starting with the drive letter. For example, d:\flexlm\license.dat. To specify the license file, start the Quartus II software. On the Tools menu, click License Setup. Specify the license file location at License File.