Case Creation

Considerations when Creating a Case

Cases may be standalone, or as part of a Premier Support Project. A project limits the visibility of case(s) to those contacts within your company who have been granted access to the project. Find out more in the Premier Support projects section HERE. If you have projects created for your company, you should determine whether to create a standalone case, or associate the case with a project before proceeding.

The table to the right can help you determine your requirements.

Where to Start

There are several way s to create a case in Intel® Premier Support.

The recommended way to create a case is to start at the Intel® Products tab or the Premier Support Projects tab. This auto-fills the product information, and adds the project name, if applicable.

Intel® Products tab: You can create a case by selecting the product first in the Intel® Products tab so that the product information is added to the case automatically.

Click the New Case icon associated with the product.

Premier Support Projects tab: If you have Premier Support Projects set up for your company, you can view them here and add a case to the project.

Select your project, and then click the New Case icon associated with the Intel® Product.

You may also create a case from the Create New menu and from the Cases Home page. Click Create New in the left hand column and pick Case, or click the New Case button on the Cases Home page. These two methods  do not auto-fill any product or project information.

Steps to Create a Case

Step 1 : Select a Product.

If the product isn’t auto-filled for you, or if you want to change it, type at least 3 characters in the Selected Product field to search for the product.

If you are a member of a project, the Select Project drop-down menu provides a list of your projects from which you may select.

You may choose Not Applicable if you want to make the case visible to all contacts on your account.

If you select a project, click the here link under List of products to select from the Intel® Products available for the project.

Step 2: Describe how Intel products and solutions are used and where you are located.

Click HERE for more information.

Saved responses from your My Settings tab will display on each case for your review and edit.

Step 3: Fill in the Subject
Max characters allowed is 255. Use of special characters, ie. ( ) * ! &, in the subject line of a case will consume more than one character per each used.

Step 4: Provide details of the case in the Case Description field.

Step 5: Select Case Type.
Click HERE for the Case Type details.

Step 6: Select the Severity.
Click HERE for the Case Severity details.

Step 7: Enter Customer Reference ID.
This is an optional field if you use an internal case management tool. Enter your internal identification information to assist in tracking your case.

Step 8: Enter End Customer.
This is an optional field. If the case is being submitted on behalf of another company, enter the name of the end customer.

Step 9: Click Submit.*

*Additional steps may be necessary before you click Submit!

Additional Case Create Steps

Case Category/Subcategory

You may be asked to select a Case Category and a Subcategory for your case. Categories and subcategories are linked to supported products, and facilitate routing cases to the appropriate Intel Agent.


Environmental Details

If you were required to select a category and subcategory, you may also see Environmental Detail questions. The answers provide essential background information about the case, and assist Intel Agents in understanding and resolving your case more quickly.

Now click Submit!

For instructions on editing a case or other actions in the case record, click HERE.