Legacy License Generator

Quartus Prime Lite Edition Software Licenses

Beginning with version 8.1, a license file is no longer required for this or future versions of Quartus® II Web Edition or Quartus Prime Lite Edition software. ModelSim®-Altera® Starter Edition software does not require a license file.

Get a license for previous versions (prior to version 8.1) of the Quartus II Web Edition software.

Altera Software Subscription Licenses

WARNING: The legacy software and intellectual property (IP) license generator will generate only licenses with maintenance expiration prior to January 1, 2009. For software and IP licenses with a maintenance expiration date after January 1, 2009, please log on to the Self-Service Licensing Center.

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Development Kit License Request

If you need to get a license for a Development Kit, go to the licenses for RoHS-compliant kits page.

University Program License Request

Get a software license for students and universities.

The MAX+PLUS® II software only supports legacy designs. It does not support MAX® II CPLDs, Cyclone® series FPGAs, or Stratix® series FPGAs. The Quartus Prime software is Altera's primary development software and supports Altera's newest device families and most older device families. Download the free Quartus Prime Lite Edition software today.

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