Work / Life Balance at Intel

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Managing your career and your personal life can be challenging. Intel is committed to making it easier. We want to help our employees make the most of both worlds. Whether you are a parent or have education goals, eldercare responsibilities, or just some of life's details to attend to, we have a variety of programs in place around the world to help.

To address the diverse needs of our employees, we offer a range of options that varies across businesses, geographies, sites, and job types.


Flexible Work Options

If your personal responsibilities require professional flexibility, Intel may be the perfect fit for you. We offer creative approaches to help you meet your commitments in life. From compressed workweeks, flextime, and alternate start times to telecommuting, and part-time and job share positions, each business unit has a range of options for you to explore.

We also offer a variety of rideshare and transportation programs that make getting to work less of a hassle. From subsidies for public transportation to the Intel Air shuttle, which makes daily flights between our sites (US only), it's one more thing you won't have to worry about.

Health and Wellness

Excellent coverage and preventive care, proactive programs, and a range of fitness resources help keep our employees healthy and happy.

We offer excellent medical and dental coverage and preventive care, as well as proactive wellness programs and access to mental health and fitness resources.

Employees also benefit from a wealth of personal development seminars and opportunities, such as finding better ways to balance life and work, financial planning and information for healthier lifestyles. Many locations have access to fitness centers and recreation facilities, enabling employees to have the convenience and resources they need for their physical and mental well-being.

Family Focus

Take care of your family with our childcare and eldercare solutions and resources, online homework help for your children, adoption assistance, and other family-related benefits.


Some locations provide assistance in finding quality childcare and priority access to childcare centers near our sites. Programs may include access to summer camps, tax deferral options for childcare services, and prepaid backup care. By investing in our communities and the education offered at local childcare providers, and developing relationships with childcare centers that meet national accreditation standards, we offer successful site-specific solutions.


For employees who find themselves caring for their parents, we may offer on-site caregiver training.

Personal and Professional Development

From work-life seminars and paid sabbaticals to tuition reimbursement, Intel University, and employee groups and clubs, we want to help our employees grow.

Becoming a well-rounded individual benefits you personally and professionally. At Intel, we know that growth is an ongoing process. Creativity and innovation at Intel come from the diverse people who work here.

Intel University and our other career training courses offer in-person and online opportunities for learning and applying new skills. Whether you want to develop new management capabilities, improve your computing skills, learn factory-specific information such as machine processes, or enhance your personal organization, Intel University has a course for you. As an Intel employee, you also have access to an extensive online library of the latest management, leadership, business, and technical publications through Books 24x7.

Other Services

As an Intel family, you can benefit from other services as well, such as employee discounts and referral services, nursing mothers' rooms, adoption assistance, and online homework help for students in grades 4 to 12. We also offer employees and their dependents confidential and convenient access to short-term professional counseling services to help with any life challenges that may arise.