Giving Back

How our employees make a difference

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If community involvement is important to you, you'll feel right at home at Intel. Our Intel Involved employee volunteer program offers many opportunities for giving back in a variety of areas. We even have an in-house volunteer database where you can track your hours, look for new opportunities, and earn grant money to support local schools and qualified nonprofit organizations by donating your time through the program.

In 2014 employees gave more than one million hours of volunteer service. Intel plays an active role in communities around the world. Giving back is just part of who we are as an organization and as a diverse group of caring individuals.

Learn more about Intel’s Leadership in Corporate Responsibility.

Inspiring Women in STEM

Inspiring Women in STEM

Intel employees from around the world mentored and volunteered nearly half a million hours toward STEM education related activities.

“…girls are communicative and collaborative which is extremely important to the nature of science and engineering  because you can combine ideas and invent new things.”

        Kelly Zhang
        Intel STS Finalist


Watch the video.

Intel Volunteer Hero

An Intel Ireland employee was honored for his work in enabling and inspiring other employees to help build a local hospice for children. Watch the video.

Girls who Lead and Code

Girls Who Lead and Code

Intel sponsors and employees volunteer to empower young women with the skills and confidence necessary to advance to the highest level of leadership. Watch the video.